You are a spiritual being… with a soul to guide you through your life.

Sometimes, though, you loose connection with your soul…

Which disconnects you from your power and your wisdom

And leaves you feeling lost… or empty… or ill…

Connection with your soul is your birthright…

And… spirit’s answer to all your problems.

You have help all around you.

All you have to is ask for help… and spirit does the rest.

I Can Help.

Imagine your perfect, your ideal, your best life . . .

Your body feels healthy, vital and alive. Your mind is unworried, calm and clear. Your spirit is at peace and you’re living your life with passion, purpose, hope and joy.

Sadly, many people come to see me because they’re struggling with their lives. They’re feeling trapped …hurting and in pain …and searching desperately for a way out.

For some, a shattering loss has gutted their hopes and dreams. For others, a numbing sadness, draining illness, or relentless worry and fear is grinding them down — slowly strangling their hope and joy. Still others feel lost and alone, swept away in insane striving, competing, just to ‘keep up.’

They all tell me. “I don’t know how I’m going make it through…”

“You can and you will.” I promise them.

Because … you’re a powerful, resilient, resourceful being. And you have a hidden wisdom, spiritual gifts and powers that are ready to transform your life.

Here at Chelsea Shamanism, I help you awaken your wisdom, gifts and powers to heal and transform in your body, mind and spirit.

So you can become healthy, happy and free. Free to contribute to the world in the ways you feel called, free to live the life your soul has come to create, and free to unleash your greatest power and potential.

You’re ready. Let’s go…

T0 get more information, or to get started:
call 07749 709 400 or email Andrew directly.
shamanic wayfinding + guidance + healing | andrew hryniewicz

Andrew Wayfinder

Hi there,

If you’re here, you’re probably looking for something to make your life better.

If so, welcome…

And… I’d like to be able to help you if I can.

(And good for you, for looking. While the first step is often the hardest… once you realize things need to change… and you start to search… it’s pretty amazing
how quickly things can move!)

So, what is it that you’re looking for?

Is it?

…to get help… to feel better… to feel happy… to get healing… to find answers, or know your direction better… to be clear and focused… to feel energised and alive…?

And, if that’s it you’re probably wondering:

“Who is this guy?” “Can he really help me, with what I’m going through?” “Does he know what he’s doing?” “Can I trust him?”
… and… above all…

“How will I know if this can work for me?”

Because, the truth is — my work is not for everybody.

Some people’s situations or beliefs don’t match my approach. Some people and I won’t work well together. Sometimes… my spirit helpers, (or my understanding), don’t have what you really need to get better.

So you must pay attention that yourself.

To help you figure out who I work with best… and what I can help with… let’s take a look at your life now, get a sense of what’s going on, and how it might match with my experience.

Generally speaking, I see two kinds of clients.

The first are people who are successful, who have reached some kind of pinnacle or milestone in their lives.

…And they’re finding that it’s not what they expected — it’s opening up new paths they don’t quite understand (almost like standing on a mountaintop and seeing a whole new view…)

…And… other times, it’s actually a disappointment. Where they wind up feeling kind of scared and surprised, wondering if there’s even something “wrong” with them. (like they’re being “picky” or ungrateful…)

Let me ask you if, every morning, when you wake up —

Are you excited about the life you are living… looking forwards to your day… and… are you at peace with your self, and with your way in the world?

Or do you open your eyes and think.

“Is this it? Is this… what I’m
meant to do with my life?”

Even though —

…You’re dedicated, ambitious, accomplished (as a professional, entrepreneur, executive, artist, even a visionary)…

…You want to do “good work”, share your life (and work) with people you love and care about…

…also… you’ve played by the rules, worked the late hours and the long days (for years, even) to get where you are now. So, you’ve had your share of success… and of recognition.

(And… it’s not like you don’t have a good, even amazing, life – at least from the outside – and all of the pieces are there, even if they’re not adding up to what you were promised…)

BUT. It’s often come from a place of self-effort and stress (possibly with niggling aches and pains, illnesses or full-bore ‘burnout’), and now…
you want a more graceful and inspired way to live.

And in truth, you actually want so much more than “success” – you want your secret innermost hopes and dreams to come true – to “make a difference”…

… And deep inside you have a feeling, a quiet sense that “something’s missing”…

Has something big, painful and scary
just blown you out of the water.

Or, maybe it’s not so quiet, and you’re like the other kind of client –

Who has (literally) come through the door with their hair on fire. Something really shocking, disturbing, even life-threatening has happened and they’re reeling with shock and pain and fear of it.

Has “something happened” for you?

Like your best friend’s death… a lover’s betrayal or loss… a chilling diagnosis… or a career-ending move or crisis at work.

And you’re wondering if you can ever feel safe, secure or grounded again? How can you really feel clear, or trusting…
…About yourself? About your life? Or your direction?

And… you may even find that…

You dread each morning, and
everything you have to face…

…to deal with… and to overcome during the day. And you’re scrambling to stay on top of it all!

Well I’ve been there and I want to let you know:

The bad news. This is a wakeup call from the universe — your soul’s prompting to take a look at what’s going on… and to change.

The good news. You can bring the magic, mystery and hope back to into your everyday life!

You can see the beauty and harmony of your life… feel peaceful and joyful again… and live a life that supports, honors and nourishes you at all levels…

In either case, we get straight to work, we go inside, and we align you with amazing spiritual powers and energies and help — along with very practical, pragmatic steps to stay healthy and balanced psychologically and emotionally.

And then people make changes very quickly and I know you can too.

The reason I know this is true for you, is this is my journey. I’ve been along this path myself and I know how to take my clients along it as well.

From Tragedy and Struggle
☯To Triumph and Peace

As it says above, my name is Andrew Wayfinder. You may or may not have heard of me.Either way, I think it’s important that I give you a little history of my journey from struggling, in pain, and searching… to living in perfect alignment with my true self and with my soul’s purpose.

You see, it took me almost 50 years to discover what my life was really about… and what my soul had come here to do.

But, for years — no matter what I did… who I was with… where I lived — the moment always came when…

I would know…
“This isn’t it. Keep looking…”

Or — out of nowhere, without any warning, (and often in a viciously brutal way) — it was over.

The job was gone… my fiance had “fallen out of love” with me… someone sold the team out and destroyed everything… leaving me scooping my guts off the floor and wondering “What the hell was that all about?”

I was frustrated, discouraged, often angry… and a few times I came scarily close to giving up for ever. But something deep inside me was stubborn — I knew there was more to life — so I kept looking.

I meditated. I did yoga and tai chi classes. I went on retreats and workshops, and explored far-off places on foot, bicycle and kayak. I followed different religious and spiritual paths…

…Always following my inner voice and looking for my ‘life purpose’… looking for more meaning… and… for real, lasting, peace of mind.

As I turned 40, though, my mother died after 7 years, slowly drowning with lung cancer and emphysema, and the wheels came off my life.

Watching her waste away… and then die, left me so depressed I couldn’t think straight. I couldn’t even choose a cell-phone plan (for example) or get any grip on my life.

It felt like I was loosing my mind… and my life with it!

I needed help and I got it.

Almost 4 years of conventional psychotherapy (individual and group)… hypnosis… EMDR… as well as spiritual and many other alternative healing methods… It was like a part-time job and it cost me $42,640 (£27,519).

But it was worth it.

I not only got over the depression… but… I also resolved childhood traumas and other ‘issues’ I’d been “coping” with for most of my life (where coping really meant struggling, ignoring, and ‘sweeping under the rug…’!) And I also retrained to become a Human Givens psychotherapist so I could help people in the same ways I’d been helped.

Life was great and getting better
(or so I thought.)

In 2008, though, a stunningly vicious ‘breakup’ brought pain I thought was safely buried back to life — plunging me into (another) “dark night of the soul.”

And I realized that everything I’d done to get free of the past, had only dealt with my body, my mind, or my emotions.

And that there was something even deeper still that needed to be healed for me to be happy in the ways I wanted…

I needed help (again) and I got it (again) — this time, though, almost by accident.

Long story short. I ‘stumbled’ into shamanism where I discovered a powerful, ancient process for “destiny retrieval” that:

Revealed my life’s true meaning and purpose, and my soul’s deepest destiny.
Healed the hidden pain, fears and beliefs that had blocked and trapped me for all those years.
Unlocked inner guidance, power and wisdom from spiritual sources that help me move forwards, every day, with trust and confidence.

It was an amazing and (in the truest sense of the word) a ‘life-changing’ discovery…

I discovered a whole new
way of life and my part in it.

Now, no matter what, I know I am doing the work my soul came here to do. I know I am “in the right place, at the right time” for things to work out… And… above all… I am never ‘alone.’

Yes. I might feel lonely at times … worry about bills or a pain (What if it’s cancer?)… feel sad about letting something go…

…but those feelings are just a ripple on the surface of the Pacific ocean. (Maybe even a half-ripple.)

Instead —

I am always surrounded by something larger, wiser, more loving, more concerned, and more supportive than my tiny human awareness or limited self. In other words:

Spirit is in all things, is all around you.
Spirit is you, and is more-than-you.

And ‘spirit’ can be visited with… talked with… and worked with… to help you live your life better, and help others live theirs better.

And discovering this reality — which is as ‘real’ as standing in my kitchen making a cup of coffee — changed my life completely…

At first it was just personal. After my destiny retrieval in 2008, I started working with Sarah Haworth (a skilled shamanka in the Mexika tradition) here in London. I also trained with Simon Buxton (of the Sacred Trust in Dorset) and joined the London Open Drumming Group with Shenoah Taylor and other teachers (which I still attend.)

At the same time, though, I saw my therapy clients had the problems I had found. I helped them psychologically, but “knowing better” was not the same as “feeling better” or “doing better”.

It was clear that…

The shamanism that changed my life
had profound and powerful answers.

(And spirit told me “to get more training”…)

So, I went to California to train in “Advanced Shamanic Healing Techniques” with Alicia Gates and Amanda Foulger, who are 20 year teachers with Michael Harner’s Foundation for Shamanic Studies. (Michael Harner is the American anthropologist who, along with Carlos Castaneda, first brought shamanism into the “mainstream” in the 1960s. And he has been researching, writing, and teaching shamanic methods and practices since then.)

(The advanced healing course covers everything Michael has discovered about how people heal, learn and grow with spirit’s help… If I told you what we did there, you wouldn’t believe it… in fact… I didn’t believe it either, until I experienced it, first-hand, for myself! And you can too.)

So, that’s what got me here. Now… back to you.

Ultimately you want to feel good… in whatever you are doing…
Have success… and do what makes your soul come alive.
In fact you were born with all the instincts, the power and the ability… to be have all your desires come true. To envision… create… and live a life of meaning and purpose.
It sounds so simple, and really it is.
If you want to align your energy, vision and actions… shed your limiting beliefs, ideas and fears (for good!)…expand your mind, thoughts and potential… and increase your confidence and power to transform your life, then I can help you.
I work with a select number of people each year, in a deep one-to-one shamanic healing and coaching relationship (the Awakened Soul process) which helps you
forge a deep connection to spirit sources of power, love and support
awaken your own spirit power for health, …
get deep support from your soul’s wisdom… and… to create profoundly powerful changes in your life.
I help you heal your life… from the inside out
… gently… without strain… and for good!
Are you ready? Not everyone is…
But if you are — contact me here to set up a 30 minute “chat” to see how we might work together.
If you need to know more, keep reading!

Here’s how the “Awakened Soul” shamanic healing and coaching works:
The process is simple and direct.
The heart of shamanic work — in getting healing, change, growth or direction for your life — is asking ‘spirit helpers’ or ‘spirit teachers’ for help.
So in the first part of any session, we find out what you want. And then I figure out the most powerful and helpful way to phrase your ‘request’.
There are 2 kinds of requests:
1. Divination. Sometimes you want to figure out a choice, a direction, to understand a situation or a relationship better. In that case you ask for a “divination” (or an answer to your question.)
2. Healing. Other times you want a situation (like your health, a conflict with someone, feeling stuck in some part of life) to be changed. In that case you ask for a “healing”, for spirit to do what’s needed (in your life only, we do not mess around in anyone else’s life!)
The magic is in coming up with words that ask for the biggest thing you can imagine… that would make the biggest difference in your life, right now… and that has the most power and meaning for you.
If the request makes you want to cry — because you’ve touched on something so tender and true about yourself — that’s great.
Once your request is clear and well formed, then the actual “work” takes place. We take the request to spirit to get whatever is best for you: power, information, healing, guidance, gifts, answers, experiences… See what happens… And then bring it back to you.
The “work” (going to spirit) is done by me, you, or both of us.
Sometimes… I go to spirit directly and “do-it-for-you”. And other times… I guide you as you go to spirit and get what you need. Or we go together.
(It all depends on the situation, your needs and how the work unfolds… but that all gets clear later. Just know there is an amazing amount of power and help out there, just waiting to come in to your life…)
Here’s a sample of the requests I have worked with, which shows you the kinds of situations and help clients have come for help with:
Inner peace and growth.

feeling inner peace and calm
calm in my mind and thoughts
help to feel serene and calm
help to live with ease and flow
feeling calm at peace and relaxed
feeling unburdened and free
feeling liberated
help to be free from struggling and striving
to wake up happy feeling strong, able to work through the challenges of the day
let go of my anxiety and fear for my loved ones and live in confidence and trust
to feel safe and loved and accept myself
help me to know and do what is best at all times
feeling like I belong and am at home
want to accept myself and love myself
help to be at peace with my life as it is now
wanting to have spiritual routines and nourishing practices
be sure of myself and what I’m doing
want to be myself in my life
see myself clearly and be grateful and present
connect with myself to feel inspired and free to do what I want in life
to hear my own voice and speak my own truth with confidence and clarity
how to have fearless conviction in my life
feeling solid in myself and confident to take the next step
to feel safe and loved and accept myself
to be going after my dreams and achieving my goals
to help others and be open to spirits guidance

Love and relationships.
find the right woman for me and have mutually healthy fun and fulfilling relationships
good relationships with family and friends
have a relationship of sharing and caring
having a genuine joyous and loving relationship in my life
help to feel whole and complete my relationship with
help to have abundance and a happy marriage
how to know and put my needs first
to feel safe and trusting in my relationship with…
how to best take care of myself
to be at peace with my divorce and relationship so I can be open to life
help to give and receive love
heal my heart of all the unfinished business in my life
feeling well with my sexuality
feeling love and trust in all areas of my life
to honor and treat myself better stand up for myself and have the courage to be truthful about my needs in all areas of my life
to be at peace with my family and my personal past
let go of the hurt and sadness from… and all past relationships
feeling more connected and understood
I want peace and freedom to know and share my thoughts needs and feelings safely and comfortably
feel the grief that I’ve been suppressing,

Work and career/creativity.
to have success at work
help to earn my living in a way that feels authentic and congruent
help to manifest my gifts and have financial abundance for them
help to live my life as an actress
getting to a higher level in my painting/creativity
get help so I can paint on a daily basis
how to create a rich and satisfying life
how to know and put my needs first
help to know the right steps in my new job and take them
how to best take care of myself
feeling safe and guarded in my life
stop worrying about money and earn money in a way that I love
feeling energetic and motivated for life
help to feel respected and recognized for my skills and gifts so I do my best work
want work to be fun and safe
how to go forwards in my new position, make the best decisions, and do what’s right
help to deliver the… project successfully and on time
help to get my work done well without burning out or feeling stressed
help with work and overwhelm
help to be focused, happy, fulfilled and successful at my work
to have more clarity and make decisions quicker
be more organized and create more,
help and protection from people who wish me harm
help with people pleasing especially bosses and authority figures so I take care of myself and am equal to everyone else
I’d like to feel connected with myself again, feel inspired and creative once more
I will honor and treat myself better stand up for myself and have the courage to be truthful about my needs in all areas of my life
help with my creativity and feeling confident about it
be energized relaxed productive and creative at work

Health and wellness.
People ask for help with every known ailment, pain and diagnosis imaginable… (if you have it, someone’s probably already asked for help with it.)
While I do not diagnose any medical condition, and shamanism is NOT a substitute for any medical or psychological treatment, these methods do work with the spiritual causes and consequences of illness and disease, and can be a great help (very powerfully in some cases)
And I help with client’s pets (For example, I regularly do “distant healings” for a client’s dogs in India. It’s quite eye-opening to see how much dogs take on in the energetic and other dimensions as “protectors”.)
Pretty amazing stuff, don’t you agree? And like I said, that’s just a “sneak peak”… not everything you’ll discover as you work with your spirit connection, and awaken your self-healing power and your soul’s wisdom.
But don’t take my word for it, if you look to the side you can see what some of my clients have said about their experiences…
Now just to be clear on what this healing and coaching is about and what it can do for you… listed below are…
10 Keys About the “Awakened Soul” Healing And Coaching”
Anyone Who Wants To Be Happy, Healthy And Whole
And Is Interested In Making Their Life Really Matter:
(Note: Some of these facts are mentioned elsewhere on this page, but I feel they are valuable enough to bear repeating.)
Key #1: I explain the process in plain, simple English… and we use gentle, easy-to-follow, meditative steps.
Key #2: We work with easy-to-do exercises that quickly give you the mastery-level skills you need to unlock your inner wisdom and power for awakening, self-healing and growth.Done regularly, these exercises guarantee you are “Tapping Into The Power Of The Universe”… (at an extremely high speed, I might add.)
Key #3: The process — along with the tools and exercises you learn — can accesses practically everything you’ll ever need to know about using your power, and following your life’s true purpose and meaning (and helps you do so for the rest of your life.)
Key #4: The healing and coaching is holistic and integrated, and supports your awakening and healing from your first steps to your last insights in sequence. No other process or work I know of does it quite like this.
Key #5: The healing and coaching uses the essential power and wisdom of shamanism — humanity’s oldest spiritual, wisdom seeking and healing tradition — and carefully marries with the best, most effective and positive, results-focused psychotherapy. So you get a potent and powerful process… that supports your total transformation… in your body, mind and spirit.
Key #6: The work is all substance. There’s absolutely no fluff! I don’t ramble or waste your time in any way. (And your spirit helpers are even more direct, focused and wise!)
Key #7: The process follows the exact steps and insights I used to go from struggling, lost, and confused… to being grounded, happy, and connected… and… knowing in the depths of my being, that every day, I am doing exactly what my soul came here to do.
Key #8: The work gives you what you need — 100’s of unique secrets and mysteries (all tailored to you by the power and wisdom of your spirit helpers and teachers—aka ‘the universe’…)
Key #9: Many of these secrets and methods have helped people for thousands of years (more likely, tens of thousand of years) and you can use them over and over again… today… tomorrow… next week… next year… and so on, for the whole of your life.
Key #10: I discovered these secrets, practices and methods as a result of years of hardcore study and searching in esoteric, alternative and traditional spirituality… plus 4 years of personal psychotherapy and healing work that cost me £27,519 ($42,640)… and 3 years of time, training and money (about another £48,000 or $75,000) to become a psychotherapist. Not to mention… the many years of emotional pain, struggle and strain trying to be “at peace” with myself… and to unlock my ability and desire to follow my real purpose in life
Truly, Awakened Soul healing and coaching is already transforming the lives, careers, hopes and dreams of accomplished, aspiring, and awakening women and men around London.

 Now it’s your turn:

The “Awakened Soul” healing offers all of these powerful elements…
Chrysalis Shamanic Life-Career Coaching Cycle.
You get 3, 6, or 9 months of 1-to-1 sessions (once or twice a month, depending on the support you want.)
You get personal attention, feedback and guidance, so you focus on what’s important and unique to your situation.
You zero in, quickly and clearly, on the help, actions and changes that make a real difference.
An Experienced Shamanic Healer And Guide.
You use tested, 10,000 year old spiritual methods, which unlocks the power of your unconscious and super conscious mind for intuition, self-healing and evolution.
You are guided and empowered by something much wiser, larger and more powerful than ‘normal’ awareness, that supports and guides you to healthy, positive choices in all areas of your life.
You get results when ‘ordinary’ methods haven’t worked.

A Trained And Experienced Human Givens therapist.
You get fast, proven psychological methods and techniques, so you can keep calm, happy and focused in your life and work.
You get the fastest ways know to modern therapy, to keep your body, mind, and emotions in balance, so you stay naturally healthy, happy and well.
I’ve led individual and group therapy session for addictions, trauma, sexual and physical abuse, depression, anxiety, suicide, and more… (While this is not meant to be a substitute for regular psychological treatment, I do have the skills and training to hold and contain anything that might come up.)

Regular online/skype/telephone support.
I am with you, every step of the way… no matter where you are in the world — traveling, working, whatever is happening — so you can get the support, help and feedback you need.
Also, when you are working in the comfort and safety of your home, you can go deeper, and work quicker, than (even) in my office… (It’s what I call the “pyjama effect” — spirit knows you’re at home and can curl up and sleep when we’re done, so they help you heal and change even more deeply than usual…)

‘Shaman On Call” Distant Healing Sessions
You can reach me via text, email or phone to get access to spiritual healing, support and guidance no matter how far away you may be. (I regularly send healings to clients in India, Australia, and the US… all from my office in London.)
You get ‘done-for-you’ healing or divination sessions that are performed, recorded and emailed to you to get ‘anytime, anywhere’ results and answers. (First time clients are on a “first come-first served” basis… and I have 10 spaces a week for you. As along-term, regular client, you get a session back to you within 24 hours.)
Now, there are three ways a synthesis of all these elements like this will benefit you:
1. You will save yourself years of trial and error, false starts, disappointment and frustration.Doing this process will surely help you heal, learn and grow in the fastest way humanly possible.
It took me almost 50 years, and three different careers, before I finally was able to know what my soul had really come here to do… And doing it (finally) is the greatest feeling in the world!
2. This really is a true path to mastering and following your soul’s inner power and wisdom. You are using the most powerful and effective healing methods and understanding I have ever seen and used in 30 years of practice and searching…
(Remember, my “normal” therapy to deal with depression, and other “issues” cost me £27,519/$42,640 and took almost 4 years of group and 1-to-1 sessions… 2 or 3 times a week!)
3. You can get 10 (or even 20…) years worth of emotional, and other, growth, change, and resolution in as little as 6 months. As music producer and singer/songwriter, ‘CJ’ Freeman wrote me after his 6 month experience — “It was like 20 years of psychotherapy. Assuming therapy could even do this, which it can’t. I’ve tried.” (And he also wrote I should have charged him 2 or 3 times what I did…)
So, you see, having a blend of science, psychology, soul and spirit like this is one of the most valuable path you can follow when it comes to transforming and healing your life at ALL levels — body, mind, soul and spirit.
Listen: The “Awakened Soul” healing and coaching is your direct connection to a genuinely life-changing process when you consider the time and energy I’ve had to expend… not just to uncover these powerful methods and secrets… but also… to put them together into a holistic, easy-to-follow process of spirit healing and inner power awakening that will transform your life and serve you for a lifetime.
And you are getting it for a fraction of what it cost me to learn and develop!
I know it’s an amazing value from the success stories I’ve received… and also… because I’ve easily spent well over £50,000 (that’s almost $80,000) — probably closer to £75,000 (almost $120,000) — plus nearly all my adult working life… and… thousands upon thousands of hours of study, effort and pain (!) to uncover the spirit healing and inner power and guidance secrets the “Awakened Soul” Process gives you.
Your No-risk 100% Happiness Guaranteed
Now, I know that my unique synthesis of time-tested shamanic healing and modern positive psychology really work… And that it’s faster and deeper than anything else I have ever seen or done in almost 50 years of living, seeking, and effort.
But it still takes time and some experience for you to see and feel the changes for yourself.
And I may not be the right healer for you… or have the spirit connections for suited to your circumstance and needs…
So… I want you to take that time… to connect with your wisdom and power… to awaken your soul’s power and path…
Because that’s how you get the deep and lasting changes you want in your life, your love, you career, your health… or… in anything else you want.
So I am giving you a “No-risk 100% Happiness Guaranteed” promise.
Go ahead and have a session with me… You can choose…
1. A Shaman On Call Distant Healing, where I “do-it-all-for-you”… OR…
2. An Awakening Soul Live Session, which combines “do-it-for-you” healing with “help-you-and-teach-you-to-do-it-for-yourself”…
Either way…
You get a personal taste of growth, healing, and change…
(Many people are amazed at what can happen at this point. And you may feel that too!)
But don’t decide then. After all, the proof is not just “in the pudding”… BUT only if the changes last…
Take as much as 12 months and see how you feel… Some results come almost instantly, some take time to settle in, even as long as a year… (I’m still seeing changes from my first healing sessions, and that was back in 2008!)
See how clear, calm and confident you are in your daily life… if you feel better, healthier, happier … and… if you’re living with a new-found ease, trust, and flow…
If you’re not happy with the changes in your life — even a full year after having your first session — let me know.
And I will return all of your fee with no “ifs” or “buts.”*
*Now — there is only one condition to my offer. It is for you first session… so you have a truly “risk-free” way to see what this work can do for you. (However, obviously, if you choose to have more sessions with me… it’s because you are getting benefits and want more…)
I can’t be any fairer than that.
You get any form of healing you choose… get the help of my skills and experience… and… you give yourself 12 more months to feel the results… before deciding if it was worth it for you.
So, what are you waiting for?
Let’s get started!
Connect To Your Inner Power For Self-Healing And Direction…
Get 5, 10, even 20 Years Of Change And Growth in 6-Months (or possibly less!)
Even If You’ve Never Done Anything Like This Ever Before…
Until now, only a tiny number of lucky women and men have been able to unlock the mysterious power behind life that will guide you, support you, and transform every waking moment of your life into a miracle of graceful, powerful flow. (All “wise”, “enlightened” or “awake” person has felt, known and lived these truths. We hear about them everywhere. But most people just don’t get it.)
Here’s the deal: If you’ve come this far, you are on the threshold of a new beginning for your life.
A new beginning where…
You feel radiantly strong and healthy — in your body, mind and spirit… you know what you truly need to be happy and successful your life.
And… above all… you are powerful and peaceful as you live your daily life… and follow your passion and your purpose with confidence, ease and grace.
Here’s how it works: my Awakened Soul process of shamanic healing and guidance, buttressed by my training and experience in modern, Human Givens psychotherapy, is a powerful, proven, and effective process to unlock your inner power and wisdom for self-healing, life direction and growth.
BUT, I only have ten (total) Awakened Soul slots available at any time. So, be sure to contact me quickly as you can and avoid going on the waiting list. (If you are too late, I will notify you and put you on the waiting list for the next open slot as soon as it opens. One warning: If the past is any indicator, I’ll probably be offering my services at a higher price in the future.)
If you know you are ready to go now, here’s what to do:
1. Click the red “Start now” button below. This will open up a page where you answer 4 specific questions to help me understand your situation, needs and capacities better. This also gives you a chance to ask me any questions you might have before we set up an “Awakened Soul” discovery session.
You will also find a secure PayPal link to pay for the session you choose. Your payment means you are serious about making a change, and locks in your place on the list.
(All your details are handled completely by PayPal, which is an encrypted and secure site. And your deposit is held in reserve by PayPal and immediately returned if either of us decide to stop your application.)
2. Once you have secured your slot, schedule your session. You will be directed to an online calendar showing my availability in your time zone, and you can choose a time that is best for you. (It’s really simple — just click on what you want — if I can set it up… you can easily use it!)
3. We have your distant or live Awakened Soul… make sure you are right for the intensive and ready to proceed… and complete your registration process.
Once you’re started and scheduled, you’ll be on your way to your own life of health, happiness and growth.
Here’s to your awakening and success!
Andrew [signature]
Andrew Hryniewicz, HG Dip (Dist.)
“Follow your soul’s path with psyche, soul and spirit…”
P.S. Remember my promise to you: Because I’ve seen how powerful and (genuinely) life-changing this process is, I’m offering you a one year 100% risk-free guarantee. That means: Act now. Decide what session you want — a “Shaman On Call” distant session or a Wayfinder Awakening session. Get it here.
And see what happens… If you don’t feel happy with your changes, results and growth (even 12 months after your 1st healing session – that’s one year from now) just let me know and I’ll refund your fee.
P.P.S. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you will feel guided, supported, and protected by your inner power and wisdom. And how much more healthy, flowing, and calm your will feel in your daily life!
P.P.P.S. To remind you, here’s what past clients have said:
“Super-intensive and deep problem-solving…if you’re ready to resolve any underlying issues and free yourself once and for all, then I cannot recommend this enough. My progress has been staggering…” — Lexie Octavia, Model & Yoga Instructor, Melbourne & London
“Fun and light-hearted. You’ll discover things you wouldn’t dream of. Andrew is so supportive of amazing and mind opening experiences. His calm and inviting nature allows you to go at your own pace and in your own way.” — Bruce Hurd, Executive Coach, London.
“An amazing experience. Powerful healing and insight. Andrew is very gifted and guides you to a deep journey in your subconscious. You will gain a great insight into who you are and how to move forward but also you will clear anything that is ready to let go. Thank you, Andrew.” — Carmen Oca, Executive, London.
“An extremely gifted practitioner and intuitive guide. His ability to ask the right questions going in to the session is phenomenal, and the insight he receives has felt hugely significant and potent. Andrew is patient, supportive, and brings such heart to his work — I would not hesitate to ask for his support or recommend him to others.” — Tai Hubbert, Seattle.

TEST Lexie copy
“My progress has been staggering.”

Nothing in London compares. Super-intensive, deep. Resolve underlying issues and free yourself once and for all. My progress has been staggering. THANK YOU Andrew for such a supportive, transformative environment! :-)
— Lexie Octavia, London.

“A truly wonderful time and experience.”

A wonderful safe place. A truly wonderful time and experience, with lovely people. Thank you very much Andrew, for creating a wonderful safe place to explore in. I am still processing all I learnt.
— Terese Simeone, London.

“Brilliant! Very much worth the money.”

Brilliant! Very much worth the money. Very structured and worked on a profound level for me. Many thanks for a rewarding experience.
— Helen Rund, London

TEST Ritu frame
“If you want transformation go see Andrew.”

If you want transformation go see Andrew. For real fundamental shift, re-patterning, changing subconscious behaviors, really huge energetic shifts… I think it’s the only way actually.
— Alli Shaw Hopkins, Executive, London

bruce h
“You’ll discover things you wouldn’t dream of.”

Fun and light-hearted. You’ll discover things you wouldn’t dream of. Andrew is so supportive of amazing and mind opening experiences. His calm and inviting nature allows you to go at your own pace and in your own way.
— Bruce Hurd, Executive Coach, London.

TEST Sinead frame
“Free your soul’s progress on every level.”

An uplifting, magical experience. I have worked in shamanism since ‘96. Andrew is one of only 3 shamans I recommend. Free your soul’s progress on every level. The most cutting edge here in London. A real gem. Thank you Andrew for bringing such a high grade of shamanism to London! Be blessed. Namaste!
— Sinead O’Reilly, London

“Very powerful”

Very Powerful… I received loads of healing and came away feeling much more confident about working this way.
— Erica, London.

TEST Hollie
“I went last weekend and I have literally seen the changes in my life already!”

I highly recommend Andrew. I went last weekend and I have literally seen the changes in my life already! Of all the things I’ve done, I find shamanism — especially the workshop – the thing I feel has helped me most. X
— Hollie Rolla, Business Owner, London

TEST Dilys frame
“Astounding, challenging, liberating.”

Astounding, challenging, liberating. If you want to make a seismic change in your life, this is a wonderful way to do it. Half way through I thought “If they only knew, all of London would be doing this.” It is hugely caring, intelligent, and liberating work. Andrew’s perceptive guiding skills are flawless.
— Dilys Rees, Artist, London

TEST Carmen frame
“Powerful healing and insight.”

An amazing experience. Powerful healing and insight. I have done 2 workshops. Andrew is very gifted and guides you to a deep journey in your subconscious. You will gain a great insight into who you are and how to move forward but also you will clear anything that is ready to let go. Thank you, Andrew.
— Carmen Oca., Executive, London.

“I really enjoyed it.”

I really enjoyed it. Andrew – you really know your stuff and have a lovely way of presenting it. I’m looking forwards to seeing changes in the next few weeks.
— Olwen Clapper., London

“Creating a shift of energies within.”

Andrew’s session was profound and certainly helped in creating a shift of energies within. I found it helped release something very deep which is causing me issues. I feel really good this morning and definitely some kind of shift has occurred within!

— Michelle G., London.

“Incredibly empowering.”

Incredibly empowering. I gained a completely expanded understanding of myself, the world, spirit, everything. My whole reality shifted very quickly. I no longer felt trapped in my relationships. Stress and worry over things became unnecessary.
— Wayfinder Destiny Retrieval participant, London

“How did we get to be so lucky to have Andrew here in London?”

An excellent day. Very well structured and Andrew held a safe yet expansive space for us to explore. How did we get to be so lucky to have Andrew here in London?
— Zannie Rose, “Lift the Spell” Journey and Retreat, London

“It truly feels like something inside me was transformed!”

It was deep and profound! It truly feels like something inside me was transformed! Felt so much lighter by the time I left. . . I couldn’t stop laughing.
— Dian Crawley London

“An amazing foundation for my future – a wonderful teacher and environment.”

Really powerful – I gained great wisdom. Reconcile and heal mind body and soul to move forwards with clarity and wisdom. An amazing foundation for my future – a wonderful teacher and environment. Go and re-write your own life script – truly phenomenal!!
— Tallita Dylan, London

TEST Camilla frame
“Filled to the brim with blessings and lessons! Truly life changing.”

My life is taking a different direction. A truly amazing time filled to the brim with blessings and lessons! Truly life changing. All thanks to having Andrew there guiding the work of the day with his wisdom, knowledge, compassion. Thank you Andrew for your guidance and for revealing this to me!
— Camilla Jakobsen, Stockholm, Sweden.

“Terrific… so much knowledge which I will treasure for ever.”

“I found it terrific and gained so much knowledge which I will treasure for ever. Andrew is a gem and facilitates the group smoothly and warmly.
— Vicky Cooper, London

IMG Rosa
“Intense and complete. I lifted 40 years in a few hours.”

Intense and complete. I lifted 40 years in a few hours. So deep and subtly laid out, I didn’t realize how much happened until after it was done. I would recommend this to anyone stuck in any part of their lives. Thank you Andrew. I’m so grateful.
— Rosa McCormack, Writer, Ireland.

IMG Tonia
“When you are ready to do some very deep work.”

Andrew is a generous beautiful soul. He works from the heart in a professional caring manner and is someone I would highly recommend to others who are ready to do some very deep work.
— Tonia Williams, London

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 17.54.50
“An extremely gifted practitioner and guide.”

An extremely gifted practitioner and guide. Patient, supportive. Andrew brings such heart to his work – I would not hesitate to ask for his help or recommend him to others. His ability to ask the right questions going into a session is phenomenal. The insight received has felt hugely significant and potent.
— Tai Hubbert, Marketing & Advertising, Seattle

“I think it was the best thing I did to help myself.”

A workshop in 2013 changed my life! I think it was the best thing I did to help myself. I’m happily single for the first time in my life and my fear of being alone is gone! And I was in the most professional, kind, compassionate hands! Andrew facilitated the trust, faith and love in the room.
— Anastassia B., “Lift the Spell” Process And Retreat, Manchester

“I feel huge shifts happened.”

I feel huge shifts happened. Yesterday I had my first session ever.I came to it in a very bad way having been through some recent horrible life experiences. It felt profound and life transforming while I also felt totally safe and held.
— Hazel, Mum, London

Andrew is highly professional, gifted and experienced.

If my friend was contemplating Shamanic work, but was not sure if it was for them, I would point them in Andrew’s direction. Andrew is highly professional, gifted and experienced. I have worked with many alternative therapists, and Andrew is amongst the few that stand out. Andrew instills trust and can securely ‘hold’ the space, providing boundaries and support with whatever comes up in the session. Thank you for all of your help!
— Stephanie, Health and Social Care Professional, London